Report Filtering

With Hundreds of Millions of results at your fingertips, you need sophisticated filtering functionality.

Filter a Report by Technology Spend

Prioritize your leads by technology budget allows you to filter in and out sites in lists that are spending $100, $250, $500, $1000, $10,000 and more on existing web technologies found on their website.

This method of prioritization stops you wasting time on low budget or even very high budget websites. Available on all plans.

Filter a Report by Technology Usage Duration

Find websites that have added a technology recently or have used it for a long time. You can even use this functionality to find websites with expiring technology contracts.

This method also helps find entrenched customers of technologies as well as users potentially in trial periods and sites that previously used technologies.

Filter a Report by Keyword, Phrase or Vertical

If you are only interested in results that specialize within a specific industry then the keyword filtering tool of a report will help you drill down into the most relevant results within a report.

You can for example say 'show me all results in my list that have the keyword shoes on the homepage'.

Filter a Report by Country, State and Zip Code

Our geographic filtering capabilities allow you to only return results for sites that are in specific geographic regions down to state and zip code. You can also filter by domain extension such as .UK or .COM.

This functionality is useful if you sell into specific geographic regions, which can be from country down to zip code wide.

Filter a Report by Mobile Readiness

Knowing if a website has been optimized for mobile based devices such as iPhones and iPads can be extremely useful in knowing the state of a website business.

With BuiltWith you can take an existing list and determine if it is or isn't mobile optimized by looking for specific technologies we track related to mobile.

Filter a Report by Multiple Technologies

Create a list of sites using Magento and Optimizely at the same time, or a list of sites that are using Magento that have never used Optimizely.

Technology on technology filter is a very powerful way to dial in the websites that match your sales fit. You can do multiple different technology filtering as shown in the examples below.

Filter a Report by Technologies Category

Filter all sites in your list that are using any form of live chat or maybe have never used live chat.

This method of filtering is useful if you're interested in general usage or non-usage of any group of technologies rather than specific technologies.

Filter a Report by Currency

Lots of eCommerce websites support international retail, to determine which ones support shipping and payment in certain currencies we track currencies offered by websites.

This allows you to create reports that offer eCommerce functionality that support payments in Euros, Pounds, Yen and many more.