Alternative Data

Technology Data to Outperform the Market

Alternative Data

Tech Data from a Billion Dollar Industry

BuiltWith tracks 62,412+ technologies and has been historically storing this information for 23+ years.

We are able to provide customer change/acquisition/loss history for public companies with detectable usage.

View publicly traded technology companies that we track now for free.

View our case study of BuiltWith data and a public company stock price.


We provide technology usage data feeds for public companies as part of our Datasets service.

Alternative Data Products

  • Technology Customer Acquisition & Loss
  • Market Share Analysis
  • Competitor Customer Movement Trends and Reports
  • Custom Projects

Hedge Funds, Private Equity Firms, Investment Funds and Quant Funds are all currently benefiting from BuiltWith Technology Data. Contact Us for more information.

Alternative Data Market Tracking

Not Investment Advice: The information on the website contains general information about web technology usage of publicly traded companies. References to specific securities throughout this website are for informational purposes only and should not be considered as recommendations for purchase or sale.